Elevated Coffee is about community building and delicious local coffee. In 2017 Le King and hubby Chris Guinn III bought Elevated Coffee to establish a gathering place that celebrates the rich culture of Portland’s historic African American community.

In early March, 2020, Elevated closed due to the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Under the pressure of nearly four months of closure, the prospect of reopening Elevated dwindled. Talks between long-time friend and owner of Coffeehouse Northwest led to merging the two cafes and a new partnership was formed. With shared resources, the team was able to reopen Elevated Coffee in early July, 2020.

What’s New

We’ve made a lot of changes at Elevated, adding far more than we’ve taken away. We started by evolving the logo. Inspired by our original sign, fonts were restyled and filigree exchanged for coffee branches. This represents our new focus and commitment to coffee quality. We purchased all new coffee brewing equipment from Sanremo, Mazzer and Mahlkonig. One thing that’s not new is our partnership with Dovetail Coffee. Our espresso is off-the-charts delicious and we now offer skillfully crafted single origin pour-overs and french press. Enjoy it all hot or iced.

Our desire for local, artisan products that elevate your experience doesn’t stop with coffee. We’ve brought in organic loose leaf teas from The Jasmine Pearl that include distinct flavors representing ethnic traditions. We serve Masala Chai from locally POC owned One Stripe Chai, as well as, artisan syrups and sauces from local, woman owned Carver Hill. Our milks are locally and organically farmed in the Northwest with milk alternatives from Oatly and Pacific.

The first thing you’ll notice when you return to Elevated is the dramatic interior. While many Portland cafes are going white, we’ve gone black. Original art, created by local Black artists, bring pops of color and showcase the talent and culture of our local African American community. Works from Chris McMurray and -insert name- are permanent fixtures, but we feature rotating artists quarterly on our gallery wall.

Elevated Coffee is an excellent place to hold community meetings, admire local artists and be entertained with live poetry and local musicians. To find out more about upcoming events, visit our news page.

Located on NE MLK BLVD, across the street from the Blazers Boys and Girls Club, between Alberta and Killingsworth. Come visit us today!

971.255.1296 |5261 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd | Portland, OR 97211

We proudly serve organically grown, locally roasted and certified fair-trade coffees from Dovetail Coffee.