We’re really excited to announce the elevation of our coffee game. We’ve carried Stumptown for quite some time, but carefully decided to make the change to Dovetail Coffee. We understand that change can feel sudden, so we want you to know why and we think you should be really excited. We did it for three reasons:

  1. Taste & Quality
  2. Local Brand Mission
  3. Community

Taste & Quality

Dovetail coffee is delicious! They offer a wide range of flavor profiles to meet customers where they’re at. All of their coffee is organically grown, directly traded or certified Fair Trade and roasted fresh, each week, just across the river in Northwest Portland.

We carry the coffees that we believe you’ll like the most. The G.O.A.T Blend is excellent all around, but especially makes for a smooth, sweet and delicious espresso. We serve Dark Roast No. 99 on drip for a rich, sweet and comforting cup of coffee. And we also make a range of Dovetail’s single origin, whole bean coffees, available by retail.

Brand Mission

Dovetail’s brand mission is to create strength in connection. After all, they’re a #coffeejoint and, now, so are we. They’re dedicated to supporting the strength of our business and the community we serve. They’ve taken on great social causes and offer their support in ours.


We believe in getting help where help is due. A community thrives when its people work together to strengthen each other’s weaknesses with each other’s strengths. Dovetail provides an incredible level of café management support. This enables us to focus on our talents on bringing people together to strengthen our local community, while improving our overall customer experience.

To learn more about Portland based roaster, Dovetail Coffee, check out their website. And, of course, come on in and try out the coffee for yourself.

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